Kester 3% Silver Solder 60 gram

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Серебряный припой с безотмывочным флюсом, масса в катушке - 60 грамм. Диаметр - 0.8мм

96.5% олово (Sn)
3.0% серебро (AG)
0.5% медь (Cu)

Цена - $24/60грамм

Manufacturer Data

Kester "275" No-Clean Flux for cored solder wire was developed to provide superior wetting performance for hand soldering in the electronics industry. The chemistry is based on some of the same principles that have been safely used for years in mildly activated rosin fluxes. The use of "275" No-Clean Flux results in an extremely clear post-soldering residue without cleaning. The unique chemistry in Kester "275" was also designed to reduce spattering common to most core fluxes. Kester "275" No-Clean Flux is classified as Type ROL0 flux under IPC ANSI/J-STD-004 Joint Industry Standard.

Performance Characteristics

Colorless translucent residues

Improves wetting performance

Excellent solderability and fast wetting to a variety of surface finishes

Eliminates the need and expense of cleaning

Low smoke

Low odor

Low spattering

Compatible with leaded and lead-free alloys

Classified as ROL0 per J-STD-004

Compliant to Bellcore GR-78